Wood-clad building in Stockholm features a living roof with solar panels

Located in the large Midsommarkransen district of Stockholm, Flora is a newly developed, wood-clad residential building designed by Belatchew Architects. In addition to the unique wood-paneled facade, the apartment complex also has a café on the ground floor and an underground car park. The highlight of this property, however, is the blooming green roof that welcomes pollinators and harvests solar energy.

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The building was recently completed in 2020 and highlights natural materials like wood and stone with a contemporary design that is different from the neighboring buildings. While the introduction of wood siding as a structural element is new to the district, it complements the area rather than standing out. Although the wooden boards are unpainted, their natural textures and patterns are emphasized by varnish, which gives the facade an individual look. Almost like a new landmark, Flora helps define the intersection of Bäckvägenstrasse on which it is located.

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Building lobby with wood accent wall and green ceilings
Building lobby with a wooden accent wall, golden light and green ceilings

There are French balcony doors in each apartment. These doors are complemented by cast iron balcony railings, which create an attractive contrast to the lacquered wood. The wood theme continues in the lobby of the building and even on the larger balconies of the apartments overlooking the inner courtyard. The apartments on the top floors have even larger terraces that run the length of the building.

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Apartment with French doors open to a balcony
gray bathroom with large shower and washer and dryer

The classic-modern apartment interior includes dark granite tiles in the combination of bathroom and laundry room. The interiors also feature high ceilings and lots of windows to ensure plenty of natural light and a bright, airy feel.

Wooden terrace attached to the wooden building
Roof covered with plants and solar panels

The wooden exterior isn’t the only feature that sets Flora apart from the rest of the neighborhood. It also has an expansive roof that is covered in plants and vegetation, specially chosen to create habitats for butterflies and other insects. Not only does the roof make a valuable ecological contribution to the area itself, it is also equipped with solar panels to help reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

+ Belatchew Architects

Photography by Michael Perlmutter via Belatchew Arkitekter

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