Why Good Tech is a Good Transfer for Electricians

It’s no secret that smart home technology and smart devices are growing in popularity around the world. More and more homeowners are turning to automation and smart technology. Did you know that the international smart home market is projected to grow from around USD 78 billion in 2020 to around USD 135 billion by the end of 2025, with an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6% ?

Note that the rapid growth of smart technology and smart home technology is being driven by many factors such as the increasing number of internet users as well as the increasing adoption of various smart devices. Most of us benefit from smart devices, smart offices, and smart homes.

Given the immense focus on smart connectivity, you might be wondering what this means for the electrical industry and the Vancouver electrician. There is no doubt that smart technology means more and better opportunities for electricians.

Also, remember that smart technology isn’t limited to homes. This technology is also revolutionizing the way small businesses like restaurants and retail stores operate. Did you know that with smart technology, business owners can easily monitor energy usage? You can also get timely warnings and notifications when critical equipment such as refrigerators and ovens fail.

Another reason smart technology is the right move Vancouver electrician is that it also makes their role safer. This is because almost all serial bus devices are now operated on low voltage, which makes them much safer than traditional devices.

Increasing digital opportunities

You will be pleased to know that smart home technology brands as well as manufacturers recognize and value the important role that electricians often play in homeowner adoption. For this reason, many companies offer training, development and certification programs to support and support their trading partners. These programs have been carefully designed to make electricians the point of contact for various smart home solutions.

As an electrician in Vancouver, you will acquire the following skills, abilities and experience, among others:

  • Essential knowledge of design, installation, and repair for various digital deployments
  • The ease and ability to offer digital electrical devices; and
  • Experience and familiarity with state-of-the-art alarms, gates, televisions, lighting, fire protection equipment, ventilation equipment and heat pumps

Make the most of the growing smart home market

Compared to the last 5 to 10 years there are now significantly more housing options if you want to work with the latest high-tech systems. Research by Frost & Sullivan found that more than 65 percent of homeowners would like to work with a professional plumber to install their various smart home systems such as alarm systems. Note that this doesn’t just apply to changing a smart thermostat.

Did you know homeowners are now turning to a professional and certified electrician in Vancouver to install smart security equipment, smart lighting systems, and backup power storage systems? As an electrician, you have to take advantage of these options.

Greater need for retrofit applications

You may know that smart lighting is now standard in new buildings. This often includes some essential intelligent lighting functions. Some of these functions are occupancy detection, timer control and remote access. However, you may be wondering about retrofitting. It’s worth noting that integrating various wireless functions into existing homes and buildings is an excellent and affordable entry point.

Be aware that by installing smart and efficient lighting systems, electricians are giving building managers or owners, as well as end users, more control and precision over how they light their rooms and manage their energy.

You’ll be happy to know that wireless lighting control manufacturers also focus on making electrical installations simple. What does that mean? It means more job opportunities with little to no special training.

Smart Cities and 5G

There is no doubt that the future is smart, with smart cities and 5G. Note that the concept of smart cities includes street lighting, traffic management systems, charging stations for electric cars and various municipal services. It also has new 5G control systems, more efficient electrical control applications between buildings, and systems that require the installation of various sensors.

Note that for all the fantastic benefits and conveniences it will bring, 5G will have a significant impact on smart devices, smart cities, and smart technologies. Remember that even the use of electrical contractors offers many employment opportunities.

Remember, from better lighting performance to more accurate and responsive building operations, 5G is likely to introduce the latest functions and features in the world of smart technologies and you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

A smart and accomplished business move

Digitization, smart devices, and smart technologies bring new and exciting opportunities for most electricians to enable these professionals to:

  • Make your customers happy
  • Enjoy higher margins
  • Building and maintaining a more profitable and successful business; and
  • to have peace

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