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Where would your business be without electricity? In today’s fast-paced world where we rely on technology, even the slightest downtime can result in reduced sales or reduced productivity. For many companies, however, electrical power and supply are not high on the agenda. until something goes wrong.

The fact is, electricity keeps our business going. As the premier electrician in Brisbane and a trusted partner to many organizations across the city, MRF Electrical is instrumental in keeping the business moving by providing quality electrical services.

Whether you’re starting a business and needing an electrical upgrade in your new office, or having electrical issues and needing professional and trustworthy service, there is no one better to call than MRF Electrical, North Brisbane Electrician.

Here’s why companies across Brisbane call MRF Electrical when faced with electrical issues:

  1. A comprehensive list of services that covers problems and needs of all shapes and sizes

Commercial companies are seldom the same. Some premises suffer from decade-old cables and devices, some have unreliable backup systems, and others are not protected against voltage spikes. Whatever your problems, MRF Electrical, the North Lakes electrician, can provide the following services:

  • Complete electrical equipment
  • Installation, service and maintenance of the standby generator
  • Installation of emergency exit lighting
  • Marking and testing
  • Control system and light installation
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Installation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Installation of smoke detectors

… and so much more. They guarantee that they can handle any type of project.

  1. Many years of experience and an impeccable reputation

When hiring a commercial electrician, it’s important not to compromise. This is the importance of good electrical work. Cutting corners can create even bigger problems and increase costs later.

MRF Electrical are Brisbane Northside electrical contractors with extensive commercial real estate experience. This is especially important as commercial units often require far more expertise to function smoothly. Quality electrical work improves the function and aesthetics of your workplace or point of sale, which can keep you moving and have a positive impact on the business.

When you hire MRF Electrical to provide great service at an affordable cost, you get a team of experts who have the skills and training to get every job done to the highest standards.

  1. 24-hour and emergency electricians on your call

Electrical problems can arise at any time, and finding a timely solution can be critical in reducing the potential damage or loss of revenue. MFR Electrical, Nundah electrician, provides 24/7 electrician emergency calls in Brisbane. Your phone lines are always open and this is of great help, especially for businesses in the city.

You will never be stuck in the dark if you have your number close at hand: 0731 844 189

Keep your business up to date with a security or risk management inspection or review

If you believe your electrical system is at risk and it could have an adverse impact on your business sooner rather than later, an independent and trained electrician in North Brisbane can conduct on-site inspections to determine exactly where problems can arise and which ones Potential dangers exist and what you can do now to prevent potential disasters from occurring in the future.

More information:

MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. is a privately held family business specializing in residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in the Brisbane metropolitan area, including the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Ipswich. Led by Matt, a Brisbane electrician, and his knowledgeable team, they have served the community for decades. They help with all of the electrical work such as repairs, installations and general maintenance that keep a house on fire day and night with lights and fully functional lights. For more information, please visit the website: https://www.mrfelectricalptyltd.com/.

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