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Oct 21

Our entire staff at MHI Aircon is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your air conditioning system. And that's why, once again (but not for the last occasion), our staff wishes to emphasize the importance of regular maintenance aircon service. If you really want the air conditioning system to meet, if not exceed, your needs and expectations, you should schedule maintenance with one of our trained professionals. We'll assist you in getting the most out of your system.

Naturally, we don't expect you to just say "OK, fantastic" and make a phone call. Therefore, now, we're going to take advantage of this opportunity to explain why it's such a high concern. We'll provide just one indication: we're experts in Singapore air conditioning repair, and if you don't plan regular AC servicing, you'll be seeing us for that service soon! So keep reading to learn more about AC maintenance and how to make the most of it.

You Won’t Feel Cool

What could be worse than spending too much for your convenience? What about overcharging for a lesser level of pleasure? Your air conditioner's overall operating quality will deteriorate, just as its energy efficiency will deteriorate. You can rely on our servicing and repair to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Even something as seemingly small, like a filter issue, can have a long-term detrimental impact on the air conditioning system. How can you assume the unit as a whole to function at peak levels if each element isn't performing at its best? The simple answer would be that you can't.

Higher Electricity Bills

Do you know that a defective air conditioning unit isn't the sole form of a malfunctioning air conditioning system? There's a huge distinction between regular checks and real Air-conditioning repairs, and that even if your aircon is on, it could not be working properly. Do yourself a favor and get it the care it requires to thrive. In the long term, it will spare you cash.

For some time, a badly maintained air conditioner may function. It could even be able to keep one's house cool. However, it will never operate at maximum power effectiveness. No, planned inspection will not enable you to chill your HDB or condo for free. However, it will assist you avoid overspending to chill the house, which is something we everyone can agree on.

 More Repairs & More Expenses

To save money in the near term, many homeowners neglect to repair their aircon systems. They think that they'll have to fix their AC at some point anyhow. Why not put money aside now to cover that future expense?

Homeowners that are proactive realize that paying for repair now will save them money later. Planned inspection can prevent or eliminate the need for more expensive and difficult repairs. Consider it an investment. You'll come out ahead at the conclusion of your aircon unit's lifespan since you kept your pricey servicing calls to a minimum. Just several dollars spent on servicing now can prevent costly repair expenses in the future.

Decreased performance and poor cooling effectiveness are terrible enough, especially in Singapore, but it will not be too long before such an inadequate servicing causes serious harm to the system. Not only can periodic maintenance help us avoid difficulties, but it also assists us in detecting existing issues early on.

The sooner any problems with your air conditioner are fixed, the better off your system will be. Call us now to learn more about how our service program and facilities might help you.

A Noisy Aircon Unit

A well managed Air conditioner ought to be silent and effective. You may hear a tiny hum when the air conditioner goes on, but other than that, your Air conditioner should operate silently in the backdrop as you go how your day.

If you don't maintain your aircon unit properly, you could hear loud or irritating noises coming from it. If you engage a professional to address the problem, you may be in for a costly repair. Servicing your air conditioning unit can help you avoid this issue and keep it running well.

A Malfunctioning Aircon

Mechanical hardware, by its very nature, will break-down if not properly maintained. An air conditioner, like a car, requires frequent tune-ups to avoid mistakes that might prevent it from working properly.

Numerous moving elements in your system assist it take in outside air, cool it, and blow it into your home. And the more you use your air conditioner, the more likely it is to develop a problem with its working components. If you use your air conditioner all day during the summertime in Singapore, you must make periodic maintenance of your units a priority.

How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

Many Singaporeans question how often they should get their aircon equipment serviced after learning about the potential implications of not doing so. Is it important to get your system serviced more than once a year?

We recommend arranging quarterly servicing for your aircon units. This guarantees that you have a working aircon units, avoiding further damage from a defective unit.

Air conditioning units may last between 10 to 15 years, depending on how often they are used and how much maintenance they receive. If you disregard routine maintenance, your air conditioners lifespan might be significantly reduced. Make an appointment with the proper specialists at MHI Aircon to come out to your place and maintain the health and functionality of your aircon system.