West Bengal authorities permits internet metering for rooftop photo voltaic panels

The government of West Bengal has approved a net measurement for individual solar panels on the roof of a household from 1 kW.

A top official said the West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (WBERC) allowed net metering for individual households from 1 kW in its latest 2013 amendments to the Cogeneration and Renewable Power Ordinance, but limited it to 5 kW.

A WBERC official said they allowed net metering to encourage the use of renewable energy. “Now there are no more restrictions and anyone can install a solar module on the roof. Previous regulations did not allow net metering for ordinary households, ”he said. “However, a consumer cannot install more solar panels than his own load. That is, if a household has a power load of 2 kW, its installation cannot be higher than 2 kW, even if it has space and interest. “

The net metering concept makes it possible to deduct the number of units produced from the total consumption, and the consumer only pays electricity costs for what he has derived from the grid or distribution company. The ordinance allows the monthly offsetting of up to 90 percent of his solar energy generation. The new change stipulates gross metering systems for installation capacities of solar systems over 5 kW. The commercial benefit

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The WBERC emphasizes that the category of consumers eligible for grid metering under the Regulation are institutional consumers such as government and private hospitals and health centers, hospitals and health centers, the private non-profit organizations, state and government sponsored and private Schools and academic institutions are owned and operated by them. Government offices and organizations, any housing complex that has already been funded by the government or a government agency for the development of renewable sources for this purpose, local bodies such as municipalities, panchayats and consumers of housing complexes located on the same premises, commercial / industrial organizations and all other institution registered under a law.

The authorized consumer must have a three-phase power connection.

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