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SUN CITY, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Pauline Stevens says she learned a valuable lesson when it comes to signing or initialing documents: “I am shocked. Absolutely shocked, “said Pauline.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, Pauline said she was billed more than $ 160 a month for renting solar panels from a company called Sunrun.

Sun City's homeowner pays for solar power that she never signed up for or approved

However, she claimed she never signed or approved the installation. Her roommate Arthur Ward signed and approved. But when Arthur died, Pauline said she somehow became financially responsible for paying for these panels and she doesn’t know why. “His name is on the contract. Not mine. I wasn’t there. So it’s not my problem,” she said.

So 3 On Your Side asked Sunrun to investigate and they did it. After looking into the matter, they sent 3 On Your Side a 3-page document with Pauline’s initials approving the contract for transfer in their name. “And the initials here are yours, aren’t they?” 3 On your side, Gary Harper asked her. “They are similar to the way I would sign my initials,” she replied.

Although Pauline says she doesn’t remember approving the agreement, this is a good example of what consumers need to do before signing important paperwork.

First, take the time to think about it.

Second, read the documents carefully so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Third, ask about cancellation clauses.

Finally, it is also a good idea to always print out or receive a copy of the documents you have signed so that you do not have any unanswered questions later.

Pauline says she is glad that 3 On Your Side got answers. But now she has decided to sell her apartment and the new owner she says can take care of paying for those solar panels. “I’m going to sell the house and move to Florida because I can’t afford it,” she said.

Sunrun gave us the following statement:

After investigating the situation, I discovered that Ms. Pauline Stevens had signed an agreement to take over Mr. Arthur Ward’s original contract on September 16, 2019. Ms. Stevens acknowledged and agreed to all terms relating to the solar energy system (in her home) in Sun City, AZ, 85351.

In addition to signing the agreement, Sunrun will speak to customers over the phone to give them the opportunity to review the agreement, ask questions, and make an informed decision. In addition, the call verbally confirms the identity of the signatory and repeats the terms of the contract. We call this our “verification call”. I heard the confirmation call from Ms. Stevens and can say that she accepted the terms and agreed to enter into an agreement with Sunrun.

Since signing the agreement, Ms. Stevens has called Sunrun Customer Service to discuss account transfer details and to confirm system payments several times. In fact, from September 2019 to January 2021, there were nearly a dozen such communication cases between Ms. Stevens and Sunrun Customer Service.

We accept the situation of Ms. Stevens and the loss of a close friend. We want to make sure that she gets the full benefits of her agreement with us. To do this, we checked your solar energy system and were able to confirm that the system is fully functional. However, Sunrun would like to send a technician to Ms. Stevens’s home to do a free inspection of the healthy system. In addition, we would like to do a full energy audit to make sure we are doing everything we can to help Ms. Stevens meet her energy needs. By reviewing her monthly electricity bills from 2020, the audit would give us a better understanding of Ms. Stevens’ electricity generation and consumption throughout the year, which could help us find more ways to meet her energy needs.

Sunrun strives to provide an exceptional customer experience. We will continue to work closely with Ms. Stevens to address her concerns so she can continue to take advantage of her Sunrun solar system.

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