#TryThis: Free Digital Residence Power Audit with Lakeland Electrical

That may sound pretty * shocking *, but DYK that in only 30 minutes., you could Save over $ 100 per year on their Electricity bill and Reduce your carbon footprint at the same time? Say * watt? *

We recently had the opportunity to speak to an energy analyst at Lakeland Electric (by phone + free) about how we can Save some money on our electricity bill – and we wanted share the prosperity We have learned as much knowledge as you can from our experience with you #TryThis for you guys.

Of Replace our lightbulbs to LED for learning How does the weather really affect our air conditioning? here are the (nuts) + *Screws * from what we’ve learned. ⚡


Virtual home energy audit with Lakeland Electric

What we tried (with pricing):

We have one planned Call with Energy Analyst Jimmy by the Virtual home energy audit Website (the service is free). On the scheduled date and time, Jimmy called and “led” us through a questionnaire to help us find out how we can save money on our electricity bill.

Prepare for our call to LE from the comfort of a local coffee shop Photo by @thelaltoday

The whole call lasted roughly 30 minutes. (Perfect if you have a short break in the day), and – at the end of it – – We had a whole new schedule as we could Save on our electricity bill in our flat.

Not to be missed:

ask allllll the questions. The Knowledge who is an energy analyst huge – – So don’t be afraid to speak up and ask any questions you want. Jimmy was personable and both common knowledge to ask We didn’t know we even had it and conducted the conversation with easeWe made sure we understood what he was asking and suggested all the way.

Even if we weren’t sure what exactly he answered some of the questions (how old our air conditioner was)he made an educated guess based on his experience. Jimmy gave us some pretty ones too cool Insider tips – – Ask our apartment to clean the coils in the air conditioner to save our bill.

Check out our energy audit (and think about how many cups of coffee we can buy with all the money we save). | Photo of today

What else we talk about:

The fact that we could have one free energy audit done for our apartment. Before we called, we weren’t sure how much control we could have about saving money on our electricity bills while living in an apartment. Or these energy audits actually existed for residents.

Regardless of whether you want to save money on your electricity bill for your home, Your own housee, or, Your office buildingLakeland Electric is sending you an energy tool set (packed in an easy-to-read PDF)with suggestions. How DYK can you Save $ 24 + Reduce up to 294 pounds of carbon per year by Lower your heat setting from 70 ° F to 68 ° F?

How you can experience this:

Things to Know When You #TryThis:

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