TRA to put in photo voltaic panels in Keelung, Kaohsiung, Taitung

  • By Shelley Shan / Staff Reporter

Solar panels in train depots in Kaohsiung, Keelung and Taitung County will soon generate up to 17.15 megawatts (MW), the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) said.

In order to do justice to the government’s policy of generating renewable energies, the railway operator has been installing solar modules in its facilities nationwide since 2017, which also generates additional income.

Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of Chaojhou Coach Yard in Pingtung County, Hualien Coach Yard, and other buildings in Hualien and Taitung Counties, generating up to 6.25 MW according to TRA.

In the past few weeks, three new contracts have been signed for the installation of panels in depots in Kaohsiung and the Qidu district of Keelung (七堵) as well as in a depot and several other buildings near Taitung Station, the TRA said.

The panels in Kaohsiung, for which the contract was signed on Jan. 25, would produce approximately 6.9 MW and those in Qidu would produce approximately 4 MW, resulting in a total output of panels in TRA buildings of up to 17.15 MW would lead, the agency said.

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