Tornos News | Mt. Athos monastic community in northern Greece uses solar panels to go green (video)

Greece’s old monastic community of Mt. Athos, in which around 2,000 Orthodox monks live, will soon be getting electricity from solar panels, according to an announcement by Apostolos Tzitzikostas, the governor of central Greece. Remarks

The ancient community of monks perched high on a peninsula in the northeast of the country has used oil-powered generators for all of their needs in the past as they were never connected to the country’s power grid.

Sometimes they also burned wood, the governor emphasized. To make matters worse, every monastery scattered across the peninsula has its own power supply, which causes a lot of problems, Tzitzikostas added.

Solar panels will cover all Mt Athos’ electricity needs

The new solar panels will not only be able to thoroughly cover the mountain. The energy requirements of Athos naturally also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that the various previous sources of electricity have given off into the atmosphere in the past.

Mt. Athos, designated a Natura 2000 reserve for its pristine views, is also on the UNESCO list of monuments due to its ancient monasteries, some of which date back several centuries.

Mt. Athos in northern Greece is home to 20 historical monasteries and is of course only accessible to men, which makes it difficult for the public to admire the wealth of historical texts and objects firsthand.

However, its ancient status as a spiritual center with a rich monastic tradition has served as a source of religious science and renewal for those fortunate enough to visit there.

Mt. Athos has been a spiritual center for a thousand years

A new digital exhibition entitled “Passage into the Light” marks a significant step for the mountain monastery community. Athos aims to connect with today’s society by providing digital access to its collections spanning a thousand years.

Details on contemporary monastic life on the mountain. Athos, which are not normally shown to the wider world, are also included in the exhibition.

The exhibition, partially funded by the European Union, included a digitization project that lasted over four years. The project included countless manuscripts, art objects and digital models of monasteries on the site.

Educational content about the treasures discovered in Mt. Athos was created through the Moodle platform which is used for distance learning.

You can view some of the masterpieces from the mountain. Athos collection Here.

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