This Ceiling Fan Cleansing Hack Is So Good, It Retains Going Viral

You can consider yourself a clean person … until you find a random, hard-to-reach place in your house that you had never thought of before and that is covered in dust or mysterious stickiness. Consider: the top of your refrigerator, behind the toilet, the insides of the windows. Ceiling fans are definitely on this list as getting out a ladder and hand brushing it is an ordeal, which is why this one cleaning hack may just keep going viral.

A simple question on Reddit, published a year ago and reported by Domino, was, “What’s the best cleaning tip you’ve ever received?” The whole thread of the answers is interesting, like the suggestion to melt old toothbrushes with a lighter to create handy, curved scrubbers, but the tip that got over 100 responses was dusting fans.

“To clean ceiling fans, put a pillowcase over the blades and then slide them off. This pulls back the dust / dirt inside the case,” user janeventure wrote. Other Reddit users asked so many follow-up questions that the person then clarified, “Edit – personally, I just dump the pillowcase in the trash afterward and then wash it and it’s okay?” TA Dah!

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This is an especially good trick because, unlike other methods like wiping with a cloth or even with a swiffer pulled over your head, you don’t risk a large chunk of dust falling on your head. Ew! Also, be sure to use those old pillowcases stained with mascara or whatever you should have been throwing away a while back. Win win!

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