The right equipment for electricians: a focus on

To ensure compliance, organizations need to ensure that their test tools are correct and consistent. Each asset should be clearly and uniquely identified for record keeping and traceability purposes, e.g. B. with permanent labels. The finale of a three-part series from Brother’s most recent report, “Competent, Compliant, and Ready to Grow – An Electrical Installer’s Guide to Building Stronger Businesses” is about equipment labeling for electricians.

There is a whole section of UK Wiring Regulations for 2019 that deals with labeling. Correct identification of installations is a requirement for companies wishing to be accredited by a professional organization.

There are two main areas to consider where consistent labeling can prove critical to compliance.

First, all test equipment must be clearly and uniquely identified for record keeping and traceability purposes. Electricians often find that unclear or poor quality labeling can lead to errors in the use of equipment on site or in the testing, accreditation, or documentation of equipment.

This can lead to non-compliance with insurance policies which can become invalid.

Second, the 2019 UK Wiring Regulations state that “any electrical device / item must be labeled for its useful life and useful life or it will lose its certificate of conformity”.

While handwritten labels are technically compliant, creating them is time consuming and the labels and inks used are often not durable or weatherproof. Over time, they can degrade, meaning jobs are no longer compliant and need to be rechecked and repaired.

As a result, mobile label printers have become indispensable tools that enable electricians and installers to create professionally compliant and durable labels for cables, wires, switches, fuse boxes and sockets on site without the need for a laptop or pre-printed documentation.

More efficient labeling

Digital connectivity can help speed up labeling and increase productivity.

Many device manufacturers, including Brother, offer apps that allow you to print labels directly from a smartphone or tablet, with a library of up-to-date, compatible label templates for all the applications electricians need. These are updated frequently to include new assets. For example, the Brother Cable Label Tool app now includes a section with templates for labeling EV charging stations in line with changes in UK cabling regulations.

Such apps can help electricians across Europe save time and ensure accuracy.

Ged Cairns, The head of CIV, Brother UK, says: “In addition to the right certifications and accreditations, the CPD and compliance with internal regulations, devices play an important role. Labeling is an essential part of ensuring that every electrician in a company carries out compliant installation and maintenance work.

“When customers receive an electrical system with clear and custom labels, they can be assured that the job is safe, complies with wiring codes and has been done by intelligent, competent professionals. Not only will this help maintain the reputations of companies and their electricians, but it will also make things easier and safer for customers in the long run, and increase the potential for repeat business. “

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