The Every day Herald – Centenarian receives photo voltaic lamp equipment from Electricians with out Borders

Dorcille Barry was the first to receive the Electricians Without Borders solar lamp set on February 25th. Senator Annick Pétrus gave the presentation.

MARIGOT – Dorcille Barry Mitchel, who celebrated her 103rd birthday on January 16, was awarded the first solar lamp set by Electricians Without Borders (EWB) on Thursday, February 25, in her home.

The EWB started the project in St. Martin to distribute 750 solar kits, which are to be prepared for the next hurricane season. These kits from Schneider Electric – an EWB partner – consist of a photovoltaic module, a box with a battery and four high-performance lamps.

They also allow smartphones to be charged. Saint-Martin Electro Clim (SMEC) offers free delivery logistics and storage on the island. Those who experienced Hurricane Irma know the importance of owning such a lamp.

EWB is a partner in the Foreign Ministry’s crisis department and has intervened in St. Martin to electrically secure houses damaged by the hurricane.

The electricians supplied and commissioned generators and distributed 500 solar emergency lights to the most vulnerable families in September 2017. They keep working in the area, repairing electrical circuits and installing circuit breaker-equipped boxes to increase the safety of the houses and reduce the risk of fire or electric shock. Once this emergency work is complete, the group will ask residents to contact a local electrician to complete the installation.

The presentation to Dorcille Barry was given by St. Martin’s Senator Annick Pétrus, who is also the godmother of this operation. Also present were EWB volunteers, the Schneider Electric representative in the French West Indies and the director of SMEC. They explained to Barry and their daughters how to use the lamp set.

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Mont des Accords College. Teachers and students will work on the preparation and distribution of the kits in the final semester so that they can then pass this information on to the beneficiaries and work on renewable energies more generally.

Finally, students will prepare a video and exhibition that will be presented to parents at the end of the school year. A survey carried out by EWB has made it possible to target homes with a lack of electricity and they will be the first beneficiaries.

The second beneficiaries are caregivers who work in private homes in high-priority neighborhoods and are often forced to provide care in poor lighting conditions. This action is coordinated by the Collectif de Solidarité Infirmiere (CSI), which is responsible for identifying the caregivers affected by these needs.

Local associations that work with young people are also partners to contribute to this project. The sales locations are provided free of charge by Les Compagnons Batisseurs, a partner since 2018. The project was funded by the Fondation de France (FDF).

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