Tesla Gigafactory Nevada gets another batch of rooftop solar panels

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada may not attract as much attention as its newer siblings like Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, but the giant battery factory is still being improved. As the recent satellite imagery suggests, Giga Nevada recently received its newest rooftop solar panels, which brings Elon Musk’s goal of building a giant battery factory entirely powered by sustainable energy one step closer.

The new satellite images were listed in the long-standing Tesla Facility Tracker Build Tesla, which has compiled satellite images of the most important facilities of the EV manufacturer worldwide. Based on recent updates to the website, it appears that the expansion of the solar panels on the roof of Giga Nevada has resumed in late March or early April 2021. This is evidenced by satellite images from the end of March, which still showed a significantly lower volume of solar panels on Giga Nevada’s roof.

Giga Nevada’s solar panels dated April 2, 2021. (Image credit: Tesla building)Giga Nevada’s solar panels as of April 8, 2021. (Image credit: Tesla Building)

The installation of solar panels on the roof of Giga Nevada has been going on since February 2018 when the first batch of solar panels was discovered at the north end of the facility. The expansion of the solar system has been quite intermittent since then. More modules were added in mid-2018, and new batches were added in late 2019. Further modules were also added in October 2020.

It remains to be seen whether construction of solar panels on the roof of Giga Nevada will continue over the year this time around, although that would be a notable milestone for Tesla if it did. After all, the Giga Nevada company has always imagined itself as a facility whose roof is completely covered with solar panels, making it one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

(Photo credit: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley / Twitter)

Such a goal would likely be achievable if Tesla ramped up its solar panel installations on the facility this year, especially since Gigafactory Nevada’s physical footprint is actually only about 30% complete.

Gigafactory Nevada is a key facility for Tesla’s U.S. operations and is responsible for manufacturing the Model 3 and Model Y battery cells and powertrain 2170. The plant is already one of the world’s largest dedicated battery factories, at least until Giga Berlin’s planned production site for 4680 cells goes into operation.

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Tesla Gigafactory Nevada receives another batch of solar modules on the roof

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