Suspected fraudsters pose as electricians to get into aged girl’s house in Gateshead

Three men who claimed to be electricians raised suspicions of an elderly woman after asking to be allowed into her home.

Police officers were contacted by the 93-year-old’s family after the suspected fraudsters left their home in the Harlow Green area of ​​Low Fell, Gateshead.

The group had shown up at their door unannounced and had ID cards claiming they had worked for an electrical company.

After the men were let in to look around their property, the woman became suspicious and alerted after the group left empty-handed.

Officials have opened an investigation into the incident and urge local residents in the area to be vigilant and challenge cold callers.

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Northumbria Police Department Detective Sergeant Craig Patchett said, “Scammers will take advantage of every opportunity to make money and unfortunately many of them see many elderly residents as simple targets that they can manipulate to hand over cash.

“We are aware of a few cases where elderly people have either been approached by rogue vendors on their doorstep or have received fraudulent calls from scammers trying to force them to hand over money and valuables.

“I want to reassure our communities that we are doing all we can to protect people from these despicable crimes, and I ask that you continue to look out for loved ones and help them spot fraudulent activity.

“Please remind loved ones to challenge any callers or doorstep sellers and ask them not to let anyone into their homes unless agreed beforehand.

“We know older people are particularly vulnerable to cold calling during lockdown, but we’re here to help and offer assistance.”

To report suspicious behavior or fraudulent activity, call 101 or go to the Northumbria Police website and use the Tell Us Something page.

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