‘Stay Out Of The F**king Attic’ review: turbo-charged, bad-taste horror

W.If a movie has a title like Stay Out Of The F ** king Attic, enter it with certain assumptions. You assume something is in an attic, you assume that at some point one of the characters will say the exact words “stay away from the damn attic,” and you assume that the movie will be pretty ropes. Fortunately, Stay Out Of The F ** king Attic exceeds expectations in at least two ways. Not only is there something in the attic, there is also something in the basement. And it’s not roped at all – it’s a good turbo-charged horror movie, actually.

We join three ex-cons who work directly as moving companies. They are used to empty a creepy mansion owned by a creepy old German who warns them to stay out of the attic and basement and leave them to him. It doesn’t take long for arms to pop out of holes in the plasterboard, and evidence of the man’s obsession with the Third Reich practically throws itself on the trio. Pretty soon the place becomes a full-fledged Holocaust haunted house.

Without wanting to spoil the fun of this grotesque cabaret, there are things in this man’s personal concentration camp – for example in a gas chamber – that come as close as possible to the limit of mainstream film morale. It’s difficult to navigate with the director for the first time, but Jerren Lauder keeps everything to the right while delivering a fast-paced film that feels like the work of a young Wes Craven, particularly The People Under The Stairs and The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Streaming platform Shudder has been trying to produce its own content lately, making safe choices that are unlikely to violate modern sensibilities. The same cannot be said of this one. Staying Out of the F ** king Attic isn’t nearly as stupid as it sounds, but it’s so fun to try.


  • With: Morgan Alexandria, Bryce Fernelius, Ryan Francis and Michael Flynn
  • Director: Jerren Lauder
  • Release date: March 11th (shudder)

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