Solar-Powered Attic Fan Tax Credit to Expire in 2016

Solar powered roof fans receive a federal tax credit.

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to make your home more comfortable is with a solar powered roof fan. Bonus: A tax credit of 30 percent is granted. However, the tax credit won’t last forever – it will expire on December 31, 2016.

Solar Star, the most popular solar-powered roof fan option, offers numerous benefits and a 10-year warranty:

  • Air conditioning: regulates the attic temperature to make the living space more comfortable.
  • Solar powered design: No electricity required. The built-in photovoltaics help to reduce electricity costs.
  • Reducing harmful moisture: helps remove mold and extends the life of the roof.
  • Easy installation: quick installation without wiring; Leak-proof flashing is compatible with all roof types.
  • Year-round benefits: Keeps homes cooler in summer and prevents ice from building up in winter.
  • Resistance to extreme weather: Selected solar powered roof fans meet the requirements of the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

Solatube International Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylight devices (TDDs), has a complete line of high efficiency solar powered roof fans. Solar Star Attic fans are characterized by a discreet and clear design and use solar energy to drive the high-performance motor.

Solar Star roof fans work with a roof vent that draws hot air and moisture from the attic and evacuates it outside to ensure an even, continuous flow of air. Solar Star products are available in different models with two solar panel power capacities to meet the needs of different roof types. Indoor models can be fitted to existing vents to maximize airflow without adding an extra element on the roof. All fans can be installed in a maximum of two hours.

The 30 percent tax credit (up to $ 1,500) on purchase and installation of all Solar Star Attic fans is available through December 31, 2016. Further information is available at

Retail price quotes are available through Solar Star installers and dealers. More information is available at

About Solatube International

Solatube International, Inc., widely recognized as an innovator in the daylight industry, has received worldwide recognition for its unmatched ability to transform interiors with natural light. The California-based company is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylight devices (TDDs) for all types of residential and commercial applications and continues to innovate with groundbreaking products that increase energy efficiency and light output, such as the award-winning Smart LED System and the powerful SkyVault series. For more information about the company and related products, please visit or call 888-SOLATUBE.

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