Solar panels installed at Bridgend primary school

Solar panels have been installed on the roof of an elementary school in Bridgend County Borough to reduce energy costs and become more self-sufficient.

The panels that were turned on at Litchard Primary School earlier this month were bought with school supplies and an interest-free loan. It is estimated that the school will reverse the investment within four years.

Recent energy audits have shown that the school used a lot of electricity. As a result, staff have been working with officials from Bridgend County Borough Council for the past 18 months to prepare and administer the program.

A new roof was installed in the junior department in 2020 and the solar panels were installed in this building as well as in the infant department.

The school has been part of many energy projects over the years, but we’ve found that more work needs to be done to reduce our consumption. The students have been involved in energy-saving measures for a number of years. The eco committee performs a number of tasks, including monitoring lights and computers to make sure they are off at the end of the day.

They were also very active in analyzing the electricity data – collecting meter readings from the caretaker and putting together graphs to show our usage. You could see how energy consumption increases in October and decreases again in spring.

As part of the installation, there is a portal that monitors how much energy the solar panels are producing, which the eco-committee can track. It shows the performance of each solar panel so students can see that each is doing a little job and everyone is doing a great job together. If we all do our part for the environment, together we can make a big difference.

Headmaster Jeremy Phillips

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