Solar Panels Could Save Spain Billions Of Euros

Increasing solar power savings Credit: Estepona Council

Installing solar panels on all homes in Spain would save the country 115 billion euros in 25 years.

Installing that many solar panels would cost € 78.5 billion and have the same environmental impact as planting 380 million trees in Spain, according to a study published by Idealista.

The high installation costs would be offset within a decade and from that moment the savings could be passed on to consumers.

“If this measure were taken, the savings would not only be economical, but their benefits would also be very noticeable for the environment. Saving energy means not burning 25 million tons of coal, not driving 147 billion kilometers in a car or saving 500 million flight hours in an airplane, ”the report said.

The researchers examined the size of the roofs, their orientation, their slope and the hours of sunshine to calculate the energy capacity of each property. They also estimated the number of solar panels required and were able to calculate the savings.

The time it would take for the solar panels to become affordable is roughly the same across Spain.

In Valencia, Navarra, Asturias, Murcia, Extremadura and Aragon, it would take 11 years to amortize the cost, while in the Canary Islands it would only take nine years. In all other regions, including Andalusia, it would take 10 years for around 18.8 billion solar panels to be operational.

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