Small fireplace at Bend Riverside Commons attributable to overheated attic fan | Native&State

A small attic fire on Tuesday set a vacation home on fire but otherwise left the people and property of Bend Riverside Commons on NW Wall Street largely intact, according to a release by Bend Fire & Rescue.

The fire burned one of the 20 units Troy Foster manages through Bend Riverside Rentals.

Three holiday apartments around the burning one were initially evacuated, although all guests had returned to their rooms. Foster said no one was in the vacation rental at the time, although someone was booked to stay in it tomorrow.

“That’s not happening now,” said Foster as he returned to the property after the fire.

At around 4 p.m., the Bend firefighters responded to a report of a structural fire in 1565 NW Wall St.

Firefighters found smoke in a one-story fourplex. According to the fire department, the fire was caused by an overheated roof fan. The fire charred portions of the rafters but did not extend to any of the other units nearby.

Damage to the structure and the items inside is estimated at about $ 10,000, according to the department.

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