Secret medieval tunnel found by electricians in Wales

A secret medieval tunnel was discovered by electricians in South Wales, UK. The team of contractors who worked for Western Power Distribution discovered the tunnel that is believed to date back to the Middle Ages. It happened when they were moving a power pole near Tintern in the Wye Valley in Monmouthshire. The team was conducting excavation work when they made the extraordinary discovery.

Secret medieval tunnel discovered

The investigation revealed that the tunnel was man-made and about 3 meters high. The tunnel was under a footpath that ran parallel to Angiddy Brook and had been used for centuries. According to the distribution of western energy, the ruins of Tintern Abbey date back to the 11th century and are near the valley where the tunnel was found. This tunnel is not listed on any 18th century ordinance map, and none of the residents or authorities have any knowledge or record of this particular tunnel system.

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Archaeologists will examine the tunnel

Western power distribution technician Allyn Gore, who led the team, said, “We had all the usual checks and permits in place before we started. There was no record of anything unusual at the site. ”Shortly after the excavation, he added. The work began, the excavation team made the extraordinary discovery of what they originally thought was a cave. He said they had never seen anything so “exciting and impressive” while excavating. Work was stopped immediately and team manager Bradley Griffiths contacted the Welsh Government Historical and Cultural Heritage Service (Cawd). “Cawd then sent a representative who said this could be linked to the ironwork ruins previously discovered in the area. The team of electricians has stopped work and sought an alternative way to avoid the risk of damaging the tunnel until further research is carried out by archaeologists.

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