Scottish electricians set out legislation wish list

The Manifesto “Building a Better Future” was issued by Scotland’s largest building trade association, representing more than 1,250 companies in the electrical engineering industry.

Select asks the next parliament to present:

  • Protecting property to root out unskilled electrical workers;
  • Laws that make it illegal to do electrical work unless you are qualified;
  • Procurement for quality, not for best offers;
  • on-time payment and no deductibles;
  • Recognizing the role of the sector in ensuring a sustainable future.

In addition to focusing on regulation and renewable energies, the manifesto also highlights the role electricians will play in delivering the next Scottish government’s plans to reduce energy use, decarbonise, climate change and other policy goals.

Alan Wilson, Executive Director of Select, said: “As our ‘wish list’ for the next Scottish government, this manifesto reflects real needs, not aspirations, when it comes to the future of our industry, economy and country.

“The ongoing feedback shows that the sector wants, needs, and demands the changes we are seeking. We are therefore simply reflecting the opinions of a significant workforce who contribute so much to the Scottish economy.”

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He added: “We have made great strides in the outgoing parliament on property protection and professional recognition and it is of the utmost importance that our regulatory campaign is carried out in the next parliament.

“The central role that we will play in the introduction of renewable energy also needs to be addressed, and our policy makers need to recognize the importance of not only training and training the existing workforce, but also ensuring that new entrants are similarly qualified are. These skills will be vital for the nation to achieve its zero carbon goals. “

The manifesto, which will be distributed to candidates ahead of the general election in May, also criticizes the existing procurement model used by most of Scotland’s public sectors. It is said that the model is fatally flawed and that it tends towards bids that are based on always accepting the lowest price, rather than a more balanced approach to price and quality.

Wilson said, “Select prefers a total cost bias for construction projects where the focus is on making decisions right at the design and procurement stages to dramatically reduce lifetime cost of performance and benefit everyone.

“Coupled with a better procurement model, it is critical that all businesses get paid in full and on time, and we must end the abusive practice of deductibles that divert funds away from improvements for the industry.”

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