Scientists Creating ‘Anti-Photo voltaic Panels’ That Might Generate Energy At Night time


Scientists are creating what they call “anti-solar panels” that generates electricity at night.

The modules will be the exact opposite of the current climate change-friendly solar panels that rely on the sun to generate electricity – the nighttime ones will emit light instead of absorbing it.

The aim of the new night tables is to generate energy around the clock. While it won’t be able to produce as much energy as traditional solar panels, it is believed that it will be able to produce a quarter of the energy that its current counterparts produce each day.


According to Robologic Lab at the University of California at Davis (UC Davis), a prototype was created by combining thermoradiative panels to generate energy from radiation cooling.

Jeremy Munday, an electrical and computer engineer from UC Davis, noted the similarities between a traditional solar panel and the potential new night modules.

A normal solar cell generates electricity by absorbing sunlight, which creates a voltage across the device and causes electricity to flow. These new devices instead emit light, and the current and voltage go in opposite directions, but they are still generating electricity.


“You have to use different materials, but the physics are the same,” he added.

Instead of having two different panels – one for the day and one for the night – the scientists hope to create a panel that works around the clock.

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