Schneider Electrical launches Wiser Accredited Installer Program to assist electricians in increasing service providing

“Canadians spend more time at home than ever before, so it’s no surprise that the way we depend on our homes has changed too,” he said Adrian Thomas, Vice President, Home and Sales, Schneider Electric. “Smart home technology provides valuable insights into a home’s energy consumption, helping homeowners optimize efficiency and save money. Our Wiser Installer program gives electricians the support and technological knowledge they need to install these solutions , and makes smart home technology more accessible to homeowners over Canada. “

Electricians who sign up for the Wiser Installer program must complete two phases in order to receive their installer ID. First, electricians familiarize themselves with the product by installing a Wiser Energy unit. and secondly, the participants complete two 30-minute training modules. Upon completion of the program, electricians will receive an installation badge in addition to ongoing product presentations and updates, exclusive product promotions, monthly webinars, and a program discount. Installers can also receive rewards throughout the program based on the number of units purchased each year.

Schneider Electric’s Wiser Installer program will expand the Wiser Energy installation base and pave the way for the full rollout of household energy management solutions. You can find more information about Wiser Energy and registration at

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SOURCE Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

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