Samsung Using Solar Panels To Respond Climate Change

According to reports from the Korea Times, Samsung uses solar panels in some of its manufacturing facilities.

Samsung Electronics has been very proactive in using environmentally friendly technology recently. Now the company has published a video on its YouTube channel showing the installation of solar modules in its semiconductor factories. Samsung plants in Yongin, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek and Asan will use these solar panels as an energy source.

“Samsung has installed solar and geothermal systems for renewable energy generation on various construction sites in Korea,” the company said. “At the company’s Suwon, Yongin and Pyeongtaek sites, systems for generating geothermal energy were installed in the parking lots of the sites, as well as buildings, roofs and new construction sites.”

These panels can produce 2,847 megawatt hours of renewable energy. According to calculations by the Korea Times, a four-person household consumes 350 kilowatt hours of energy in one month. Samsung therefore produces enough energy to supply 678 households with electricity every year.

Samsung noted that the power generated by these solar panels would not be used on production lines, and there is a reason for it. The generation of electricity from solar panels depends on weather conditions. Therefore, they cannot be a constant power source for production lines. The electricity generated is used in office units.

Samsung has a long-term plan for using renewable energy and solar panels

The Korean company has implemented a long-term plan to use renewable energy in its operations. Dating back to 2018, Samsung has announced that it is working to make its construction sites in the US, China and Europe run entirely from renewable energy sources.

The target was met in 2020 and Samsung was able to achieve 100 percent of its renewable energy supply. Samsung announced that the policy of increasing energy efficiency and minimizing resource consumption will continue. Until then, the company’s goal is to produce high-performance products while using less energy.

Samsung’s green movements are expanding globally, and the company is sacrosanctly committed to it. In addition, Samsung locations in India, Brazil and Mexico will soon start using renewable energy sources.

Of course, this is not the Korean company’s first green move. Samsung previously partnered with Kvadrat, a Danish textile company, to make eco-friendly cases for the Galaxy S21 + and other smartphones. With this plan, Samsung can reduce the amount of plastic used in cell phone cases, packaging, and other processes.

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