Reverse Engineering A Ceiling Fan Distant

When looking to automate everything in your home, you have undoubtedly got things that are not intended for home automation. Maybe your window air conditioner or the dimmer in your dining room. [Seb] has several ceiling fans controlled by remote controls that wanted to connect them to his home automation system. There [Seb] gives a good overview of how to approach this problem and how to design a circuit board so there isn’t a breadboard lying around connected to the bowels of your remote control.

There are several things [Seb] has to figure out to connect his fans to Home Assistant, the home automation system he is using: he has to determine whether the circuit in the remote control can be supplied with 5 or 3.3V, he has to connect the circuit to an ESP32 card and he needs to figure out if he can create a custom PCB that combines the circuit and the ESP32 into one. The video goes through each of these steps and shows the development of each one along the way.

There is a lot of information in the video so it may need to be slowed down a bit to see all the details. There is other reverse engineering of home automation devices on the site here, or you may want to create your own remote to control your automated devices.

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