Residence Power Audits: Have You Had One? – Power Issues Weblog

When it comes to running your home as efficiently as possible, an energy audit can help you figure out what improvements you need to make, large or small. Home energy audits can be a helpful tool to cut your heating and cooling costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your home more comfortable.

Check out, Energy Audits: What Home Owners Need to Know to Know Who Should Be Audited, What Types of Audits There Are, and What to Do with Your Results After learning more about home energy audits, how energy efficient is your home? can help you find an auditor near you.

If you’ve done a home energy audit, why did you choose one? What did you learn about your home? If you haven’t had one, why did you choose not to? Tell us about your experience in our comment section below!

Above: A fan door test measures air infiltration during an energy audit. Photo by DOE / NREL / Ed Hancock.

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