Rainwater harvesting system, photo voltaic panels on Western Specific Freeway, Jap Specific Freeway

The Mumbai Metropolitan Area Development Agency (MMRDA) will have a green plan and modernize the Western Express Highway (WEH) and Eastern Express Highway (EEH). A senior MMRDA official said he would build a rainwater harvesting system under each overpass on both highways. So that rainwater can flow into these storage tanks, which can be used to irrigate plants and gardens. It will also set up solar panels, develop cycle paths on back roads; wherever possible to promote last mile connectivity. Also because the underground line 7 (Dahisar Ost to Andheri Ost) runs along the WEH Autobahn, the official claimed.

There are 12 flyovers on EEH and seven flyovers on WEH. From the first four transfers in package 1 to WEH (Mahim Dam to the international airport), work on the beautification and rainwater harvesting was initiated.

Interestingly, these green initiatives were recommended by State Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray, who on Wednesday conducted a review with officials of various ongoing infrastructure projects.

The MMRDA is carrying out modernization work on the western and eastern motorways. WEH modernization works worth 200 rupees have been proposed, which include improving the main carriageway, driveway, side road by bitumen treatment, repairing the Nullah, widening and building the existing subway, improving rainwater drainage and footpaths include.

The MMRDA official stated, “A contractor has already been appointed for the section of Mahim Causeway to the International Airport on WEH. The contractor will build, maintain and promote the gardens according to our plan. MMRDA will also be dated Rs 13 crore annually Contractors obtained. Similarly, such contractors are being appointed for the remaining two sections. It is currently in the tendering process. “

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