Punjab farmers deliver mills, electricians to Delhi borders | Chandigarh Information

PATIALA: Many protesters carried electricity generators to the agitation sites of farmers on Delhi’s borders after the power supply had been cut for the past three days.
Farmer leaders said many of these generators were owned by farmers while others rented them.
The farmers said they needed the electricity not only to charge their cell phones, but also for various other purposes, including using machines to make chapatis in langars.
The general secretary of BKU Ekta-Ugrahan, Sukhdev Singh Kokarikalan, said: “The farmers brought these generators with them for power supply alone. Many also arranged small solar batteries for electrical appliances. The need for more generators was felt after the end of the central government, in addition to the reduction The water supply and internet services to quell the unrest of the farmers have also cut power to the street lamps. Even electricians from numerous villages, including some with a farming background, have arrived in large numbers. The farmers are in high spirits and see these little ones Brave people to problems. ”
“It was like a complete blackout, but we had already brought some generators with us at the beginning. More generators have reached our agitation site on the border with Tikri from different parts of Punjab. The diesel costs are borne by the villagers with electricity,” said Balwant Singh the village of Rarh in Mansa, adding that he brought his generator with him at the beginning of the protest.
Gurvinder Singh, another official from BKU Ekta-Ugrahan from Patiala, said: “The villagers of Daun Kalan in Patiala brought a generator with them yesterday, and now we get electricity from here. At the Langar location we need the electricity to produce machines run by Chapat. “”

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