Public suggested to interact the companies of licensed electricians

Regional news from Friday, January 22, 2021

Source: GNA


The high rate of fire outbreaks could be related in some ways to the use of unskilled personnel

Wendy Agyemang Duah, managing director of Prefos Limited, an electrical and civil engineering company, has advised Ghanaians to be wary of anyone they hire to provide electrical services.

She said the recent high rates of fire outbreaks may be related in some ways to the use of unskilled personnel to install and repair electrical cables and equipment on our premises.

At a Thanksgiving and award ceremony for the company’s staff in the Northern Sector in Kumasi, Ms. Duah emphasized that Ghanaians need to use certified electricians to reduce the number of electrical fires in the country.

She explained that Prefos trained its employees to provide quality services to customers through research, strategic alliances and product development.

Ms. Duah said the Thanksgiving service should mark the company’s three decades of existence and dedicated service to the people.

He said the company has had many successes over the past few years and is still making headway despite the challenges COVID-19 continues to pose for Ghana and the rest of the world.

“Most companies failed to break even after a few years of formation, but Prefos Limited has proven to be strong and we are now providing high quality electrical services to Ghanaians and some parts of Africa,” said Ms. Duah.

Hard-working and committed employees from the various departments were awarded money and material prizes.

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