Police in neighboring Brookfield, Hermitage warn of burglars posing as electricians

(WKBN) – Residents in Brookfield, Ohio and Hermitage, Pennsylvania may not know each other, but they are linked by a common burglary.

Brookfield Detective Sgt. Aaron Kasiewicz said it started at around 1 p.m. Tuesday on the 6800 block on Warren-Sharon Road. He said a muscular Spanish man wearing a yellow reflective vest, dark pants, dark work boots and a hat came into a resident’s home as an electrician and showed a badge to get into the house.

Police: Burglar poses as an electrical worker in Brookfield

“They went downstairs, turned some breakers on and off, and talked on the radio,” said Kasiewicz. “He wasn’t sure what exactly he was saying … declared he had almost a Hispanic accent, he was talking; it was broken English. ”

According to investigators, when his partner took coins, jewelry and a jewelry box, it was all an act. The resident didn’t know what was going on until he heard a noise and went upstairs. Then the “electrician” started after his partner.

A light silver crossover SUV has been described as a potential getaway car. Employees from a nearby company saw the vehicle around the same time as the break-in and said it was out of place.

Hours later, around 3:20 p.m., a similar, almost identical incident occurred in the 3100 block of Emily Lane in Hermitage, PA.

This time, the person posing as a utility worker or an electrician wore a dark blue winter coat and trousers, according to Eric Jewell, chief of police at Hermitage. He also said that the resident of the house noticed that the intruder was of Spanish descent.

After taking the resident to the basement, his partner tried to break into a safe but was unsuccessful, police said. The resident found out after leaving and saw that someone had tried to go into the safe.

Chief Jewell said there has been no report of a vehicle in the area, but diversionary break-ins are typical of transient criminal groups traveling from place to place, targeting a victim or two and moving on while law enforcement pursues them.

“Anytime someone quickly shows you an ID card, they should be suspicious,” said Chief Jewell. “If you put a lot of pressure on, ‘Hey, I need to check now. ‘If it’s urgent, that should be a red flag. “

He said individuals should take a minute to see the badge, look up the phone number of the utility they’re supposed to be with, and call them first.

It is also important to have a home security system and if a person mentions they are going to call the police, most thieves will leave.

Chief Jewell said they don’t definitely know if both crimes were committed by the same people, but there are good chances that they were.

7:30 “Usually they’re temporary. They are not from the area and this is their travel job and they know they have a shot in one town or area and are moving to the next town and it seems like the Brookfield incident may be related to that. “Said Jewell.

Anyone with information about the Hermitage incident can call 724-983-6780. In Brookfield, individuals can call the police at 330-448-6960, Dispatch at 330-675-2730, or their anonymous phone number at 330-969-1110.

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