Plumbers, electricians seek permission to attend to urgent works

Plumbers and electricians have urged the government to allow them to practice their craft during the lockdown as the current restrictions are not only stifling their incomes but also creating trouble for many of their customers.

“Almost every member of our society receives at least half a dozen calls a day from regular customers looking for urgent repairs to electrical or plumbing faults. But given the strict lockdown that restricts our freedom of movement, we cannot expand our services, ”says V. Murugesan, Tiruchi District Electricians, Plumbers and Rewinders Society.

According to Murugesan, plumbers and electricians are often prevented by the police from taking calls. “Yesterday, one of our members from Ariyamangalam was intercepted by the police near Town Station and his motorcycle was confiscated. The boy who was supposed to deal with a power failure in a medical supply store had to go back and that too on foot to his apartment. ”

Some plumbers and electricians also claim they received frantic calls from their customers to attend to urgent complaints, such as:

Mr Murugesan claims that plumbers and electricians with IDs issued by their company were allowed to take calls in the city during last year’s lockdown after showing up to county officials, and suggests taking a similar approach now.

“We have issued ID cards and even T-shirts and the police can allow plumbers / electricians to wear ID cards,” he says.

Since many of the plumbers and electricians are day laborers, the lockdown has also dried up their incomes. Many are the sole breadwinners in their families. “Apart from the plight of our customers, we are also unemployed. We should be able to do urgent work. If the closures are extended further, we get into deeper chaos, ”observes Guru, a plumber.

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