Plug Into Rankings of Boston Space’s Greatest Electricians

DIY is an option for most home improvement and repair projects. But most of us pull the plug on DIY electrical work, and for good reason. It’s a dangerous job – and not just because of the shock hazards you can cause at work. If you do it badly, you can also create fire or health hazards.

Unfortunately, if you hire the wrong electrician, you face the same dangers. Hence, you should choose carefully. Fortunately, there is good news from the Boston Consumers’ Checkbook and You don’t have to pay premium prices for premium electrical services.

In evaluating the local electricians, Checkbook interviewed customers and undercover buyers, and collected quotes for a range of carefully specified jobs. Many of the companies that were rated highly by their customers for their service were also among the cheapest. In fact, companies that received the highest quality rating from Checkbook were more likely to charge lower prices than companies with lower ratings.

Checkbook is offering patch readers free access to reviews from electricians in the region through this link until May 15:

Note that companies with high prices for some jobs may in some cases have low prices for others. Bottom line: You can save a bundle by getting at least two quotes for electrical work, and better still three, especially for larger jobs. It’s worth looking around even for small jobs.

For example, among the jobs checked by Checkbook buyers, they found that among local electrical installers:

  • To replace a ceiling light with a new customer-supplied ceiling fan with a light fixture, prices ranged from $ 148 to $ 480.
  • Prices for replacing six sockets and a light switch with new sockets and wall panels ranged from $ 100 to $ 360.
  • The cost of installing a customer-supplied outdoor spotlight ranged from $ 100 to $ 350.

Whenever possible, Checkbook recommends that you get a fixed price quote on home improvement jobs. For large orders, companies come to your home to prepare proposals. You can receive bids over the phone for smaller jobs – but only if you know exactly what to do. Small installations and a lot of repairs may cost you time and materials. If so, ask the following questions to avoid price surprises:

  • Is there a minimum charge for a service call? What does it cover?
  • How much do I pay after the minimum fee per hour worked?
  • Which time units are used – quarter of an hour, half hour? How much is charged per time unit – and are fractions of units rounded to the nearest unit or the next higher unit?

Of course, price isn’t the only factor when it comes to electrical work. You want the job to be done carefully and safely. Be careful about choosing a company – customer reviews The checkbook collected varied widely in terms of overall quality and on-time completion of work.

Check with each company you choose to see if they are licensed and have both liability and employee compensation insurance.


Boston Consumers’ Checkbook Magazine and is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing consumers with the best service and the lowest prices. We are consumer backed and don’t take money from the service providers we rate. Checkbook’s full Electrician Report, including ratings from local electricians, is available free until May 15 at

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