Photo voltaic panels to convey a supply of unpolluted vitality to Olmsted County

ROCHESTER, Minn. – A new clean energy project started on Thursday in Haverhill Township.

Olmsted County, Cenergy and People’s Energy Cooperative are jointly building a range of solar panels.

Governor Tim Walz proposed a plan in 2019 to achieve 100% clean energy in Minnesota by 2050.

Olmsted County’s director of building and plant operations, Mat Miller, says this is a small project to bring Minnesota closer to that goal.

According to Miller, this is also an opportunity for around 200 People’s Energy Cooperative customers to experience clean energy.

The People’s Energy Cooperative, together with the state and other utilities, has set itself the goal of increasing the use of renewable energies.

“It just really fits into their portfolio and really offers the future of clean energy, be it wind, sun, or any other means to get us to the goals that have been set in terms of climate action,” says Miller.

This project should be completed in summer 2021.

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