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There are plans to include solar panels in the renovation of one of the oldest buildings in Summerside.

The 1912 renovation of the city’s armory has been underway for several months, but the solar panel aspect of the project was not first discussed in front of the council until Monday, January 25.

The proponent of the project is the city’s cultural heritage department, Culture Summerside. It owns and manages a handful of historic buildings in the city, including the armory.

As part of the ongoing work on the site, the building’s heating system will be converted to 100 percent electric. To offset the heating costs, a solar system was added as part of the original renovation plans. However, before installing the system, a deviation in use is required by the council at its sole discretion.

The proposal provides for the installation of two solar systems with four fields on stands next to the building. The poles would be at least eight feet high.

The council heard that the roof of the building was being identified as a potential home for the panels as civil engineers realized it wasn’t strong enough to hold the array and there were concerns about its impact on the building’s heritage.

Councilors speaking on the proposal were generally supportive but wanted a better idea of ​​what the panels will look like. They were not presented with any conceptual images other than a top-down view showing the general location of the arrays on the property. City officials said they would endeavor to obtain these images before the council makes a final decision.

The meeting on Monday was also an opportunity for the public to comment on the project, but no one personally attended.

The Council will take a final decision on the proposal at an upcoming meeting in February.

There’s more to come.

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