New California rule will facilitate the recycling of photo voltaic panels

Delta 9 Cannabis Inc., Winnipeg, Canada, announced on December 14th that it has partnered with Emterra Environmental and Canadian cannabis producers from Ontario to develop a sustainable recycling program for cannabis packaging and disposable vape pens that will make the transition will facilitate a circular economy for the Canadian cannabis industry.

The new program will have two components. The first offers customers a convenient option for recycling cannabis packaging, similar to that used in Canada’s Blue Box program. The second focuses on landfill diversion and uses technology to recycle single-use vape cartridges and vape pens. The program accepts cannabis packaging, disposable vape pens, and vape cartridges from any licensed manufacturer, regardless of brand.

“At Delta 9 Cannabis, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint,” said John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9. “Our employees have always been committed to making cannabis products of the highest quality for our customers, and we are proud on being a leader in setting the same high quality standard for our recycling program. Some of the best licensed Canadian producers are working with us on this initiative, including Tweed, 7ACRES, High Park, FIGR and Sundial. “

Customers can bring their empty cannabis containers, packages, disposable vapes and vape cartridges to any Delta 9 retail location and place these materials in boxes labeled “Flower – Recycle” or “Vapes – Landfill Version”. Both boxes are easy to identify and contain the logos of the partners and pioneers of the program. Customers are encouraged to put their vape cartridges in plastic bags before placing them in the landfill diversion box. Vape pens can be placed in the box as they are.

“In Canada, we have the tools and knowledge to transform the cannabis industry in how it handles packaging and vape products,” said Paulina Leung, vice president of corporate strategy and business development at the Emterra Group. “We are honored to work with Delta 9 to find a Canadian solution to this growing, yet solvable problem.”

As soon as the “Flower – Recycle” field is filled, it is picked up and delivered to ReVital Polymers’ plastics recycling facility in Ontario, where post-consumer plastics are processed into engineering resin products as part of the Canadian circular economy. All waste included in the program is processed in Canada.

“We adhere to a high standard for ourselves and our partners,” says Arbuthnot. “It was important to us to know that all materials are recycled and processed in Canada.”

The first step in the recycling process is to sort the plastics into individual types so that they can be processed. They are then washed to remove any contaminants, labels or glue, chopped into small pieces and extruded into pellets. These pellets are used to make a number of plastic products, including auto parts, packaging for consumer goods, and future cannabis packaging.

When it comes to vape pens and cartridges, Delta says the best solution right now is to make sure the pen is recycled with other electrical and electronic equipment and cartridges are diverted from landfill. There are currently no technologies in North America that allow vape cartridges to be fully recycled.

At Emterra Environmental’s partner electronics recycling facility, the vape pens are separated from the cartridges for processing. The vape pens are then processed to reclaim the battery, plastic, and metal. The cartridges are treated as hazardous waste and taken to a waste disposal facility for processing.

“We look forward to analyzing the different types of cannabis packaging in this recycling program,” says Leung. “In this way we can help licensed manufacturers optimize their packaging design decisions and make their packaging more recyclable and sustainable.”

“Ultimately, every Canadian cannabis company will choose to use recyclable packaging materials and participate in an industry-wide solution to properly treat the overall waste we produce,” said Marshall Posner, CMO at Delta 9. “Hopefully this program will be the Be the spark that triggers this responsible initiative across the country. If you are a cannabis company that makes waste packaging and products of all kinds when it comes to recycling and sustainability, you have an environmental and social responsibility to be part of the solution. We do our best to ensure that all of our brand partners are part of this program. Delta 9 would love to see every Canadian cannabis company join this initiative in the future. “

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