Native electricians assist two households

A partnership just before Christmas between ECBE (Edinburgh City Electrical Contractors) and Cyrenians (Homeless Charity) Scotland ensured that two families could cook their Christmas dinner.

ECEC (Edinburgh City Electrical Contractors) is a small but growing electricity company based in Leith. They did not hesitate to offer their services to Cyrenians, the Edinburgh-based homeless charity that deals with the causes and consequences of homelessness across Scotland, to install two electric stoves, all just before Christmas.

An ECEC spokesperson told us what happened: “During the busy holiday season, ECEC was contacted by Kevin Balfour, Housing First Support Worker from Cyrenians, and asked if we could possibly install two electric ovens in two houses. These houses had been found for two homeless families just before Christmas. While we were very busy and were not really able to fulfill that request, our general manager Wayne Archibald stepped forward and said he would be more than happy to install the electric stoves and help these two families who are now stepping in on time It was Christmas at home.

“We contacted Keith immediately to say without hesitation that we would help and support his request and agreed to visit the property and do the installation. We also said, to Kevin’s delight, that we would not charge for these installations and would do the installation as soon as necessary, and agreed to work with Keith to make sure we are on schedule. “

Wayne Archibald said, “It’s the little things that make a big difference in our community and we will continue to support Cyrenians where we can.”

Kevin Balfour of Cyrenians told The Edinburgh Reporter, “I would like to thank Lynda and Wayne from ECEC for all of their kindness and help just before Christmas in installing two electric cookers in the two apartments. The two gentlemen were in temporary accommodation last year and this year in their own tenancies. This kindness enabled these two gentlemen not only to cook their own Christmas dinner for the first time in a long time, but also to enjoy Christmas Day for the first time in a long time. “

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