Nationwide Electrical Security Month unites utilities and electricians in selling greatest practices

National Electrical Safety Month brings together utility companies and electricians to promote best practice

Posted on May 8th, 2020 by Chris Galford

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May has been dubbed National Electrical Safety Month by electricity companies in the United States. While more people are isolated at home in COVID-19, various companies and groups are reminding customers that security continues to be of vital importance.

Efforts are led by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to help reduce electrical harm, injury and death in communities through better education. ESFI was supported in this case by the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), with this year’s focus being on maintaining a smart house. This includes a focus on all of the devices that keep your home smart, safe and secure.

The ESFI reports that around 51,000 fires and more than 500 deaths are caused by electrical fires in the home each year. Prevention can sometimes be as simple as smoke alarms – 65 percent of deaths from home fires were absent.

“We all know the sound – the dreaded chirping of batteries dying in smoke alarms,” ​​wrote PSEG Long Island. “Tomorrow”, we say to ourselves, deactivate the device or dampen the sound with music or fans. “Tomorrow” is often too late. “

Black Hills Energy-South Dakota is another of many companies like PSEG to be providing tips on indoor and outdoor electrical safety this month. These include, for example, checking all power cords, removing equipment from bathtubs and other moisture, using earth leakage breakers to prevent shock and fire, avoiding power outages, calling 811 before digging, and not walking near substations and transformers.

“Many electrical hazards can be prevented by understanding basic basic safety measures and following simple precautionary measures,” said Marc Eyre, vice president of operations for Black Hills Energy-South Dakota. “While electrical safety should be a priority year round, National Electrical Safety Month is a great opportunity to enforce critical safety measures to prevent electrical hazards and related injuries.”

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