Mum left chuffed after electricians leave her son £15 ‘payslip’ after their job

A mother praised her builders after they left her young son a £ 15 “wage package” for helping them with their work.

Laura Nicole-Anderson was pleased after her son received his first “pay slip” from the electricians.

She shared a photo of the adorable letter as she praised her for her “sweetest act of kindness” on Twitter.

It has since gone viral on the social media platform.

The mother also explained how her son followed the workers with “questions, kindness and constant offer of help while they were working.”

She added, “Thanks Seytons Electrical, you made his day!”

The Hull-based company has divided Theo’s practical contribution to its work into five categories.

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Laura’s little boy helped measure objects, bake cookies, and count the number of electrical outlets in the house.

And for each of these four tasks, the company paid Little Theo £ 1.50.

But then they threw in an extra £ 5 for his “quality assurance” like “asking a lot of questions”.

Since the tweet was posted on March 28, it has collected 460 likes and dozens of retweets.

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One wrote, “Such positive recognition of Theo’s contribution works two ways … Seytons employ kind, thoughtful people.”

Another added, “What a nice thing and your son will remember his first job of life, what a wonderful company to do that too.”

“I hope you get a lot of work because of your kindness.”

A third praised: “Such a beautiful gesture – your boy will become an electrician when he grows up.”

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