‘Movie trade’ probability for younger Slough space electricians

A new training program offers young electricians from Slough and the surrounding communities an opportunity to step into the world of movies and television.

The program is jointly funded by Netflix and the MBSE motion picture and television company based in Lakeside Road, Colnbrook.

The two-year Bring to Light program will train eight electricians to become qualified lighting technicians for the film and television industry – which is currently suffering from a shortage of skilled workers.

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It will be open to electricians with at least a level 2 electrical installation qualification and will be based at MBSE with internships at Shepperton Studios, Netflix’s UK permanent manufacturing facility.

Trainees are selected from the local community, with those from under-represented communities being particularly encouraged to apply.

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Government Secretary of Culture Oliver Dowden has confirmed production will be exempted at the time the third national lockdown begins across England. The Bring to Light training program is therefore conducted under strict security protocols to ensure safe conditions for COVID-19.

The UK is Netflix’s main international production base. That year investments doubled to USD 1 billion. More than 50 original shows have been filmed across the country and 5,000 jobs have been created.

Darren Smith, Managing Director Europe for MBSE Lighting UK, said: “At MBSE we are extremely proud of our track record of supporting apprentices and attracting new talent in our industry.”

For more information on the Bring To Light program, please visit the MBSE website.

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