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Altrex, a manufacturer of scaffolding and ladders in the Netherlands, has developed a new modular lifting solution for solar modules. The system can lift one solar panel at a time and be operated by a single installer with nothing more than a cordless drill, the company says.

March 3, 2021

The new shuttle system from Altrex.

Image: Altrex

Altrex – a Dutch company that makes ladders, scaffolding and hanging platforms – has developed a new modular lifting system for solar panels that can be used in rooftop PV projects. It is said that the “shuttle” system is light and easy to use and assembleand can only be operated with a cordless drill.

“The shuttle lifting system was developed based on the strength and stability calculations of our RS Tower 52-S,” said a company spokesman pv magazine. “With the special end frame, you can place the solar panel safely and easily on the work platform.”

The system consists of guide profiles, a winch and various consoles. The guide profiles can be easily clamped to the rungs and the winch is operated by a cordless drill, according to the company.

“Rubber strips on the inside of the tensioning system prevent damage to the solar panel,” said the spokesman.

Altrex’s new system can lift PV modules.

Image: Altrex

The company, based in Zwolle in the eastern Dutch province of Overijssel, claims that the system can lift loads of up to 30 kg. It can also be equipped with a carrier that has its own console. The carrier can be used by a single installer and the panels can be rotated 90 degrees during the lifting process.

“The carrier set is supplied with its own console,” said the company spokesman. Prices on request and depending on the height of the tower and the land. “

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