Missourians with photo voltaic panels might see electrical payments rise beneath measure being thought-about in Legislature | Politics

In some states, where utility companies could charge customers differently for solar modules, fees have been set high enough to completely eliminate the economic benefits of the modules, Renew Missouri chief executive James Owen told Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

An information sheet on the bill from the Missouri chapter of the Sierra Club states that the Kansas Supreme Court ruled similar charges unconstitutional for being discriminatory.

Kidd said at the beginning of the meeting that the laws heard in the committee will not be brought for approval, but the start of the discussion with continued contributions.

“This bill that we are going to hear today and some that we are going to hear next week are very controversial subjects,” said Kidd. “And that has to be worked on. They need to be fixed. We have to make some changes and everyone will come to the table and negotiate. “

Both Stewart and a representative of the solar module industry expressed a willingness to compromise.

Paul McKnight, owner of EFS Energy in St. Louis and president of the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association, said he was open to a different tariff for customers with solar panels. However, he said more studies are needed on the value of the sun.

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