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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Milestone, a DFW company that specializes in electrical, plumbing, HVAC and security services for homeowners, is looking for new employees.

Their services fall under an essential business classification, which is why company officials say they are very busy and need to hire more hands to keep up with demand.

Allie Coppedge, Milestone’s Director of Recruiting, said, “Right now our greatest need is for licensed electricians, licensed installers and then HVAC service engineer licenses.”

These jobs pay around $ 70,000 a year for beginners.

If you are interested in the craft but do not have the required license, Milestone has some apprenticeship positions open.

“For an apprentice, it’s going to be about $ 13-15 an hour an hour starting wage,” said Coppedge.

The jobs are open ended and not limited in time.

The company also pays a bonus as an incentive for skilled workers.

“We would probably take in as many people as we are licensed and can come to us now. That is the state we are in, ”she said.

If you would like to apply to Milestone, click here.

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