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T.Due to the recent cold snap in the region and the shorter winter days, the Central Oregonians are more dependent on heat sources, lighting and electronics. As the weather changes, people are becoming more aware of energy usage and are prone to higher electricity bills. Although Oregon has relatively low electricity bills compared to the rest of the country and is well below the national average, it is still a significant and necessary cost for homeowners of all income levels.

According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, the average American household spends approximately $ 2,060 a year on energy for heating the home, lighting, and powering appliances. These expenses vary widely based on usage habits, types of fuels, and the rate at which they are sold in an area. The cost of energy in US dollars is typically out of a homeowner’s control – but the amount of energy needed and consumed can be.

It is well known that swapping out incandescent lamps with more efficient LED lamps can save money. Some have heard that adding more insulation or upgrading windows could help reduce energy bills. But how does someone decide which project is most beneficial or cost-effective? As we discussed last month, one safe way that property owners can use to check the efficiency and energy usage of their home is to conduct a home energy audit or assessment.

Energy Trust by Oregon’s Free Online Home Energy Assessment

This valuation is a simple DIY online tool that allows you to quickly evaluate each home and the upgrades proposed to lower monthly bills. After completing a 10-minute survey, the homeowner will receive a calculation of the estimated current energy consumption at home and make recommendations for improvements in energy saving, including simple, inexpensive, or free tips to save money and energy. The online energy rating will also include available cash incentives and discounts, as well as a list of Energy Trust contractors who provide some of the services. The evaluation tool and much more valuable information can be found at

Professional Home Energy Audit Assessment

A professional household energy audit is a room-by-room top-down check of the residence as well as a thorough review of previous electricity bills. Audits are a broader performance test, and many professional energy assessments include a fan door test and a thermographic scan. GreenSavers is a local company that can do this audit for $ 300. It can be easily planned online and they can also help with improvements such as insulation, HVAC, water heaters and solar panel upgrades. GreenSavers will provide a home performance report, air quality report, and a full breakdown of priorities, costs, cash incentives and tax credits. Visit for more information.

When upgrading a home, always make sure the project is well documented before, during, and after pictures, copies of receipts, and noticeable savings on utility bills. This information will help make a home stand out and add value when the time is right to sell.

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