Maxeon’s thin, frameless solar panels peel and stick directly to the roof

Singapore-based Maxeon Solar Technologies has announced the commercialization of its new Maxeon Air technology platform, which enables the manufacture of frameless, thin, lightweight and adaptable solar modules with efficiency and performance equivalent to standard solar panels.

Maxeon Air solar modules are known as “peel and stick” solutions and are adaptable, ultra-light, robust and fire-certified modules that can be glued directly onto the roof surface without shelves, anchors or ballast. No metal frame or heavy glass is used in the panels. The resulting installed weight is approximately 6 kg per square meter, which is less than half of conventional systems and significantly reduces the roof load.

According to Maxeon, Air solar modules are also designed for uneven roof surfaces. The Air solar modules integrate Maxeon IBC solar cells, which contain a solid metal foundation and tension-free cell connections. This protests against corrosion and enables fault-tolerant circuits that allow energy to flow even when cells are cracked.

Maxeon solar cells have been rigorously tested in laboratories and proven on site. Photo credit: Maxeon Solar Technologies

A roof layer made of Maxeon Air solar modules generates 50% more electricity than conventional solar modules thanks to an efficiency of 20.9% and a tight coverage of 0.9. The Air panels are also characterized by a low power temperature coefficient, low shadow tolerance and a broad spectral response and deliver maximum energy yield on a limited roof area. In addition, the IBC solar cells have the unique ability to divide the current in reverse voltage in the shade in order to avoid harmful or dangerous high temperatures. This function is particularly important when panels are adhered directly to the roof.

“The Maxeon Air technology platform continues our 35-year legacy of innovation in solar panel technology and demonstrates once again the ability of our research and development team to develop cutting-edge, disruptive technologies,” said Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. “For almost fifty years, the solar industry has used glass superstrate sheets almost exclusively. As the size of solar modules has increased and the cost of solar cells has decreased dramatically, the cost of shipping, installing, and assembling large glass modules has become a relatively larger part of the total system cost. With Maxeon Air technology, we can now develop products that reduce these costs while opening up entirely new market opportunities, such as: B. Commercial roofs with low loads. “

The manufacturer has not yet announced the price of new Maxeon Air thin frameless panels, but it is said that the panels will be deployed in select projects in Europe in the second half of 2021. In Europe alone, the company estimates that there is an unsupervised annual market for low-load roofs of over 4 GW. General product availability is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

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