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Maxeon’s air technology platform is designed to bring solar energy to previously inaccessible roof surfaces.

May 18, 2021

Maxeon Solar Technologies releases its new Maxeon Air technology platform.

The company said the platform enables it to manufacture frameless, thin, lightweight, and adaptable solar panels with efficiency and performance on par with standard solar panels. The platform is the result of five years of research, development and testing.

Air technology platform from Maxeon Solar Technologies.

Maxeon Solar Technologies

According to Maxeon, Air solar panels can be glued directly onto the roof without the need for shelves or other mounting systems. Due to its adhesive and light weight, the technology is initially aimed at installations on roofs that are not designed for the weight of traditional solar systems.

in the EuropeWhen Maxeon Air was first launched, the company estimated an undeserved annual market for roofs with low loads of more than 4 GW.

The Air Panel does not use a metal frame or glass, which leads to an installation load of approx. 6 kg / m². The product appears to be essentially a solar panel sticker, with Maxeon describing that the built-in adhesive layer allows it to be installed directly on the roof surface with no shelves, anchors or ballast and installation on uneven roofs.

The company said the cells within the panel contain a solid metal foundation along with stress-free cell connections. These protect against corrosion and enable fault-tolerant circuits that enable energy to flow even when cells are cracked.

In addition, the panels offer an efficiency of 20.9%, a low power temperature coefficient, color tolerance, a wide spectral behavior and a hot-spot resistance.

General product availability is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

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