Letter to the Editor, Feb. 11, 2021: Pure gasoline higher than windmills, photo voltaic panels | Letters

Natural gas better than

Windmills, solar panels

In a recent letter to the editor, Fred Roensch accused me of “scoffing at someone’s climate solutions” when I only pointed out the negatives that must be weighed against the alleged benefits of President Joe Biden’s climate solutions. But since Roensch asked for alternative solutions, here are my suggestions:

• Make the most of clean, efficient natural gas to keep our economy strong while developing the next generation of technology.

• Streamlining of approvals and promotion of the further development of modern small nuclear power plants.

• Support for energy innovations – cold fusion, salt melt, et al.

Solar (1.7% of US energy in 2019) and wind (7%) will never be the solution to finding “clean” energy because they are unreliable, inefficient and expensive. Resources devoted to paving the landscape with solar panels and scarring the skyline with windmills to kill birds should better be devoted to energy research and adaptation efforts to cope with the effects of climate change.

I believe in the power of innovation and technology. New methods of generating energy are being explored and will eventually replace wind, solar and most fossil fuels. In the meantime, let’s use the cleanest and most efficient sources to keep our economy competitive: natural gas and nuclear power.

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