Klein Software Station Backpack for Electricians

The Klein Tool Station Backpack literally stands out from Klein’s solid range of backpacks – and from many of its competitors. Many bags – even some with hard molded bottoms – tip over easily if you add a few tools. The main zips of the Klein Tool Station go all the way down. This creates a sturdy bag and gives ample access to your belongings.


  • 21 storage pockets and outer holder for water bottle, measuring tape and adhesive tape
  • The main door opens fully to reveal all of its contents and create a small work area
  • Won’t tip over like most other bags
  • Comfortable straps
  • The work light option is handy



In addition to the extensive storage and organization options, the Klein Tools Tool Station backpack does not tip over even when fully loaded. That’s more than most tool backpacks, even those with hard-molded bases, and many non-tilting bags cost hundreds of dollars more. Instead of just conveniently organizing and transporting your tools, the Tool Station creates its own work area that makes you more efficient at work. It’s comfortable to wear and the optional work light is a nice touch. This backpack offers added value for your work life at a reasonable price.


Using the Klein Tool Station Backpack

I’ve been on the job for about a year and I’ve learned a lot of things including how inefficient it is to lug your tools around in a travel bag. But like many others, I said to myself that I would make some money and then prepare myself. It also gave me some time to see what other professionals were using and what would work for me.

As I’ve observed, backpacks are a convenient way to organize and carry tools. But they often tip over when placed on the floor. This makes accessing your tools a bit tedious and puts a lot of strain on the bag.

The standout feature of the Klein Tools Tool Station backpack is the ability to get up – and stay up. It has a wide, sturdy base that supports it when zipped and fully loaded. Even better, the main compartment zips open all the way to the bottom, which opens the entire side of the bag and lets you create your own small, mobile workspace. The base holds it up in this case too.

Small Tool Station Backpack open

I suppose you could argue that you are giving up potential big flap space. However, I like that it becomes part of your workspace that you can put tools or parts on. You can certainly get tool backpacks with more pockets, but 21 pockets aren’t overly shoddy. The Klein Tools Tool Station backpack offers plenty of space for a loaded tool bag to take with you.


I love the easy access

For example, suppose you need to take a Klein Curve wire stripper out of the tool station backpack without opening the entire station. Just half zip in the main compartment to access the entire item. I used the backpack in this form when doing faster tasks.

Backpack with zipper for tools

The front compartment is pretty normal, but still big enough. I also really appreciate the outer water bottle bag, tape measure clip, and tape string.

Backpack tape measure holder

You may find that the Klein Tools Tool Station backpack comes in two different models, with the difference that the magnetic work light / flashlight is on (55655) or excluded (55482). The work light model costs about $ 15 more, which I think can easily be spent on the small but powerful light to illuminate the inside of the bag or your work area.

Well padded and durable

You probably won’t have to hike to your construction site, but the Klein Tools Tool Station backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps that are nice to the touch. It has standard chest and lower straps for fit and comfort.

Small tool station carry backpack

The ballistic woven material 1680d is common for backpacks in this price range. It’s pretty tough stuff for sure, but if you are extra careful to treat your gear well, you can toss a small towel in your pocket to put it on. Over time, rough-ins and trim-outs will take their toll on the concrete floors. Just a thought. I know, I know, I didn’t have one for the photo day.


There is a pretty wide range of prices for tool backpacks, and comparisons can be difficult. Here’s a quick look at some of the competition’s pockets that are designed to stand up without tipping.

Amazon shop

The bottom line

The Klein Tools Tool Station backpack will not tip over even if it is fully loaded and unpacked, which enables more efficient work. Instead of straightening up the normally tipped bag and then rummaging through, the Klein Tool Station Backpack creates a small work area with easy access to your tools. You can certainly find backpacks with more pockets / pockets. The 21 pockets in this backpack still offer plenty of space for drills and tool bags. The water bottle pouch, tape measure clip, and tape string are nice touches. And it’s convenient to carry around too. If you’ve got tired of your tilt bag (or your disorganized travel bag!), Then the Tool Station should really be considered.

Small Tool Station Backpack Specifications

  • Item Numbers:
    • 55482: without work lights
    • 55655: with work light
  • Number of pockets: 21
  • Inside pockets: 18
  • Outside pockets: 3
  • Length: 13.5 inches
  • Height: 17.25 in
  • Width: 8.5 inches
  • Material: 1680d Ballistic Weave Body
  • Capacity: 745 cubic inches
  • Weight: 7.2 lb.
  • Prices:
    • 55482 (excluding work lights): $ 99
    • 55655 (with work light): $ 115

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