JTL encourages electricians to upskill and increase

The leading provider of on-the-job training, JTL, encourages electricians to improve their skills and knowledge to ensure they can work competently in potentially explosive areas with the support of the CompEx certification body (part of the JTL group).

Paul McGuire, Chief Operating Officer at JTL

The ExF Foundation qualification offered by CompEx appeals to professionals who are fully qualified, newly qualified, or still in training to become electricians, and offers professionals the opportunity to expand their expertise to expand their career opportunities and earnings potential.

The theory-only course, which lasts between one and two days, gives electricians the basic awareness and understanding of the most important aspects of working in and around hazardous areas. It also serves as a foundation for those who wish to develop their knowledge prior to attaining deeper CompEx qualifications.

Paul McGuire, JTL’s Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Achieving CompEx certification is critical for professionals working in hazardous areas. From safer working conditions to protecting your company’s reputation, everyone is safer certified.

“The ExF Foundation course is a great way to provide employees with basic awareness and understanding of the most important aspects of working in and around hazardous areas. Since the pandemic began, many CompEx centers have been offering online learning for the ExF course. To complement this distance learning offering, CompEx has also introduced a new remote version of the ExF assessment, which can now be performed online in the comfort and safety of the learner’s home or workplace. “

CompEx joined the JTL Group in 2014 and has been recognized as an international program for the competence validation and certification of personnel working in hazardous areas for almost 30 years.

For information about CompEx and more information about the ExF Foundation qualification, visit www.jtltraining.com/upgrade-your-electrical-skills-and-knowledge-with-compex. You can visit CompEx’s new website at www.compex.org.uk or search for “CompEx” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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