Is there a way to start charging based on my solar panels outputting energy?

Hello, not sure if this is in the correct forum. I wonder if there is any way to charge my Tesla if my solar panels are giving off enough energy. Maybe something like IFTTT app?
I have Enphase Energy microinverters and I can easily tell when they are generating enough power not to draw power from the grid for charging. I don’t charge at night, of course, but sometimes it’s cloudy, for example. In this case, I’d rather wait to get charged in a time when all of the power can come from the panels.
I had solar panels long before I got my Tesla. I would generate enough energy to run my home without grid electricity. When I got the Tesla, I noticed that my electrical charges had risen sharply. However, by carefully choosing my charging time, I have significantly reduced my electricity bill. I hope to automate this planning.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks,

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