Iowa Lawyer Normal investigating WireOne Electricians for value gouging

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The Iowa Attorney General plans to call WireOne Electricians on Saturday about price cuts.

Our I9 team received a number of complaints about the company’s price, which hit consumers after the Derecho hit East Iowa for various services and charged expensive “emergency fees”.

Crystal Hird, an artist who lives in Cedar Rapids, said she was one of the people who trusted the company after she needed an electrician because her meter came from her house.

She said that when she saw the phone number for the area code, she was comfortable on the service. However, she received an offer of over $ 3,500 for repairs. Then she said she had been threatened with an emergency charge of $ 300 over the phone or hadn’t seen an electrician in months.

The company instead charged her an emergency fee of $ 319 after she sent the payment.

“They took money from me,” said Hird. “They said they took more than they would take, that’s not appropriate.”

I9 contacted the company that broke us up after answering their phone. When I9 called back we sent straight to a voicemail with a full inbox.

The Iowa attorney general said it received about 25 different complaints about price cuts. Most of these relate to the sale of generators and tree cutters, electricians and other contractors.

Our I9 team told a story about a man who came to the area to bill insurance companies while being sued by an attorney general in another state for price cuts during Hurricane Florance on Aug. 12.

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